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Wrought Iron Field Gate Restoration

These 100 year old field gates were in a sorry state, twisted, bent and corroded. After careful restoration to their former glory they are likely to last another century.

Custom Gates

Modern gates can be built to any design required to suit your property. All gates are made using solid bar, galvanised and powder coated. Installation is available.

Cleaning & Welding

We offer repair services for machinery. We can work with all types of materials and our extensive knowledge of welding techniques means we can provide a finished job.

Traditional Hand Forgework

Damaged or lost parts of hertiage ironwork can be measured accurately and replica components can be produced to same design.

Modern Design

Original and imaginative designs take time to finishes to perfection, but will last for years to come. Why not leave your mark with your own design of a product either interior or exterior.


There is a growing number of sample twists and designs to help with the design process